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Research on Careers in Technology

     There are many different types of jobs in the tech industries, therefore I narrow it down to 3 different types of tech careers. The first career that I saw that I was interested in was Software Development jobs, which make people live so much easier. This is because it manages lots of files accurately and not only files, but many different programs everyone uses. What Software Developers do in their career is creating solution of your daily life, or simply just entertaining you when your bored. Creating apps like games or a GPS that helps you navigate, is what software developers do and more. I'm very interested in this type of field work, but it isn't the one I'm most interested in. Although software developing does seems the most promising path in the next 10 years.

     Another type of Career that involves technology, that I did not know before this research, was Computer Systems Analysis. People who work in computer analysis, hel…
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Lego Robot

Working with Legos to build the robot wasn't that difficult.This is because the instruction gives you step by step of what to do. So it was very easy in building the robot. There was some difficulty in the programing in the robot this is because the different NXT programmers was difficult to understand.
               The door alarm was the first robot we built and it was our first experience in using the robot. This helped us understand how the robot works and functions. The structure of the door alarm was very simple and the programing was also very easy. Once it was finally done we were proud and excited see the door alarm work. We continued with the steps which lead us to build the 5min robot, and it was just a car.
            Now the 5min robot was a little bit more complicated than the door alarm. This is because there was more steps to it and there were pieces that we did not have, which slowed us down. Because there were pieces missing we had to improvise, so…

Fast Run

This is a game I created call "Fast Run", it is really fun and i learn a lot in creating this game like how to make the sprite jump. It is a really cool game check it out, it's short though, so don't be surprise once you pass it.\ This was the design of my first level Then as I progress in making it look better I ended up with this design Finally I got the hang of it and created other levels such as this one


Check out my new game called BAT MAZE. It was amazing the learning experience to learn how to build and make a game that actually functions. The first screenshot show how I started creating my first level Then the second screenshot is how I finished the first level. The third screenshot is my second level and its completed form.

First Animation Period 4, Scratch Programming

We learned how to make animation in class, here is an example. At the beginning my animation I had to choose my setting and what story I wanted show. Then I came to the conclusion that it should be about basketball-since I like basketball- and it has 3 scenes check it out.
The House has many rooms including a bedroom, kitchen, restroom, attic, and many more rooms.
The kitchen is nice and big. It also has many space for your kitchen ware.

The restroom is nice and welcoming. Lots of leg space with a beautiful mirror.